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Soul recognition is an important aspect of achieving enhancing and sustaining Wholeness and Well-being. products and services facilitate this recognition to help people to connect with and recognize their True authentic Being of Light within, in order to achieve and enhance their Well-being.

There are many important aspects of human health & well-being including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual considerations. All need to be considered and addressed for a soul within human form to be happy & fulfilled. As every human being is unique, each aspect needs to be considered and addressed individually for each person.

There are many services available today to help and support human beings to address each aspect. focuses on supporting the Soul/Spirit aspect of Human Health & Well-being.

Soul/Spiritual Well-being is the foundation that supports mental health, social & emotional well-being and physical health. has been setup to address the current gap in society, i.e. where the Spiritual aspect of humanity is not generally recognised or supported in main stream society. Many people today are Awakening to the Soul / Light & Life force energy within. This is such an incredible step and progression in humanity’s evolution. Largely facilitated by the new earth energy and accessible Meditation/Mindfulness and Yoga classes that are now taught all round the world. People are waking up and realising they are ‘Beings of light’ aka Souls having a human experience.

But where do people go for safe and trustworthy assistance, reassurance and support during this process?. Currently society at large is not 'yet' generally equipped with the support mechanisms to assist and support people who are awakening to the spiritual nature of life within. Family, friends and Professionals (Teachers, doctors, counsellors, religious figures) etc… may not be able to understand empathise or support.

Where do such people go for validation assistance and support?. To know that it is a natural process. The purpose of, is to provide an open safe and supportive service to assist and support people who are awakening. recognizes and values the universal and unique Soul i.e. the Unique Being of Light within each person and supports each soul in it's self-realization (Awakening), development, healing and self-actualization for the benefit of all.

We are all birthing a new Heart & Soul based consciousness and society on the Earth. Becoming aware of yourself as a Unique Soul / Being of Light is a significant evolutionary step in consciousness and a key component for Holistic Health & Well-being, Happiness & fulfilment, and by following your purpose and passion, the creation of a Beautiful New World upon the Earth. simplifies universal wisdom in a way that is clear, relevant and applicable for today's society.


Soul: Your Soul is the real you, the Unique Light force Energy & Essence that is connected to and at one with the Universal Sacred Loving Source that exists within all. Every soul has a unique energy vibration and gift that it brings into the world. Each Soul incarnate in human form is also learning and growing through the human experience. aims to assist and support people who would like assistance in awakening to enhance their Holistic Well-being  and actualization for the benefit of all.

3D, 4D, 5D: For millenniums, Humanity largely existed in 3D consciousness (Physical/Body awareness) i.e. an awareness of physical self and separation for thousands of years. More recently, for hundreds of years, humanity has largely shifted to 4D consciousness (Body & Mind awareness), an awareness of the mind, problem-solving analysis and creativity. Currently, humanity is now shifting it's consciousnesses to 5D i.e. Heart & Soul based consciousness where a consciousness of Love Light Oneness & Unity reside, and from where decisions are made for the benefit of all. Humanity is shifting into higher consciousness, aligning and merging our Mind Body & Soul into One Unified Whole and balanced Being of Light i.e. the Human Being, the Whole self. This evolutionary process follows and involves the opening of the chakras at an energetic level and the integration of one’s Soul energy and Light. X has been created by James Williams, a Pure Being of Light at One with Source. At a Soul level, James is an Over-arching Presence who assists and supports souls with their Spiritual awakening and actualization. He is a loving joyous wise and compassionate soul.

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