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James is the creator of the online SoulLight Support Center and facilitator of Soul Light events. An Awakened, life-loving, light-hearted, Wise & compassionate Soul. He assists and supports others with Soul awareness and Holistic Health & Well-being.


Soul awareness enhances self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, enhances well-being and brings hope and inspiration.

James supports Soul Activation / Awakening, integration (understanding and embodiment of Soul Light) and actualization with those who are ready. And is learning and growing like all other souls through the human experience.

He is a Soul having a Human experience just like you. Professionally, he is a University Teacher. In addition to his own learning development & healing goals, he is a deeply Wise sensitive and compassionate soul who is here to assist and support with Soul Awakening Healing Enlightenment and Empowerment. He is a professional and ethical person, and is following his heart to be of service in a personal and planetary way.

In addition to Teaching qualifications, he has a Coaching Certificate, a Counselling Diploma and is a Qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

"I am a unique extension of the Creator I AM. As are we all. Unique and special each and everyone of us. As above, So below. May we love unconditinally, as we continue to learn develop and grow. X" - JW

"When we become aware of our inner light, our True authentic self at the core essence of our consciousness, it will in time allow us to open-up to our whole being, and it will attract & magnetises our whole being into your body and consciousness X. This brings wholeness, peace, joy and healing us. It is at this point that spiritual teachers can be very helpful in helping people to understand what they are experiencing. As they walk their path of awakening, integration healing transformation and actualisation. Ultimately mindfulness (i.e. Acceptance, Compassion and Unconditional Love) are three keys that soothe heal and ease the journey through this process X. I am guided from within to come forward to assist and support others who are awakening and becoming their Whole Soul self upon the earth. God Bless us all X as we flower into and blossom into our Whole Soul selves upon the earth. And so it is 😊 and so is the time." - JW

Summary of key areas of Spiritual/Soul development:

* Wholeness: Realising and embodying Divine wholeness and oneness within.* * Healing: Accepting and allowing all emotions with Unconditional Love X

* Balance: Activating allowing and balancing key energetic qualities e.g. Peace, Unconditional Love, joy and Assertiveness.
* Self-love and self-care.
* Intuition: Focus on and follow your intuition to guide you. Self-trust / Empowerment / Confidence and inner-Strength.
* Growth: See and use challenges as opportunities for soul growth.
* Self-actualization and Service.

One Whole being:

The Divine nature of our being connects / unifies /merges all the divine aspects of our being within.

* Source (Infinity: Pure infinite Divine sacred energy and light)

* Higher self / Divine I AM Presence (Pure Divine Power & Glory)

* Soul (Pure Divine Love, Light and Wisdom)

* Pure Divine Child of the Light within physical form.

Om mani padme hum

Praise to the jewel in the lotus where the the spirit of enlightenment resides X

Love and value yourself X

Honour the precious jewel that is your Soul within the treasure chest of your Heart, where your love light and truth reside X

Home is where your heart is X


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