"Awaken from the Illusion of Separateness

into Sacred Unity and Oneness with all life

and Help Heal a Divided World "


Like you I am a Soul incarnated in Human form. I have experienced the human journey of separation to Unity consciousness aka Enlightenment - our natural energetic state of being. 


Our Personality is comprised of our Mental Emotional and temporary Physical Body. Our eternal Soul self i.e. our True self is a Pure being of Light at One with all Life that can be re-discovered using simple but effective tools such as Meditation and Mindfulness. This is the key to lasting Happiness fulfilment and peace. I am honoured to help and assist humanity to awaken and discover their True Soul self.

As I continue along my journey of transformation I facilitate Meditation sessions in South Wales where everyone is welcome to come and sit in peace and enjoy the sacred silent stillness of their being i.e. thy Holy presence. X


After many years searching for Truth my Awakening started in 2002 after learning and practicing Mindfulness Meditation at a Buddhist Meditation center. After several more years practicing a variety of Meditation methods and techniques in 2006 I experienced a profound and Glorious Awakening* to the One Pure and Sacred Truth within us all i.e. God.

Now as I continue along my journey of Self-realisation Self-transformation and Self-Actualisation it is my sincere wish to be of service to others who would like assistance and support in the process of Soul Awakening / Self-Realization (Enlightenment).


I am a Soul just like you, a Soul having a human experience, a Pure Perfect Whole & Unique extension of the Creator - living learning and growing - just like you. I have simply 'Awoken' to the Truth within,. I assist and support others to Awaken in a simple clear and accessible way.


To awaken to your Soul Light from within is to to re-discover and integrate your True Authentic self. To remember your Soul & Source Light and to become Whole Happy and Complete within.


However this is not the end but the beginning of a profound period of Self-Transformation that will lead to FREEDOM Self-Actualisation and sustained fulfilment happiness ad peace X.

I am and will always be a student of Life, continually learning and growing with an Open Heart and Mind. I am a helpful supportive sincere family man, a Professional & ethical person. I have worked in Higher education for nearly 20 years assisting and supporting students achieve their goals. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


I support people who are Awakening and integrating the Amazing and Unique Soul they are i.e. their True Self. 

Soul Awakening (aka Enlightenment or Self-Realization) and Soul Integration (aka Self-Transformation & Empowerment) and Self-Actualization is possible for you NOW. I am here to assist and support others who would like to achieve this in a non-attached professional and ethical way.

If you would like assistance please e-mail: SoulLight.world@gmail.com.


J x ☼ 

* ENLIGHTENMENT -  The Enlightened state is out natural state and today as a result of widespread practice of Mindfulness Meditation is a lot more common and is accessible to anyone. "Ordinary people — from all walks of life — can and do regularly “wake up”, even if they know nothing about spiritual practices and paths. Spiritual awakening or Wakefulness is a more expansive and harmonious state of being that can be cultivated or that can arise accidentally. It is our most natural state — accessible to us all, anytime, anyplace." - The Leap, Steve Taylor.


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