Soul Awakening & Enlightenment Support Session


About: This session honours the Unique Soul and Universal Source within us all. A relaxed and safe environment to discover and be your True self. Event includes Meditation & Enlightenment.



1. Mini Opening Meditation*

2. Q&A (1 per person [more if time allows])**
3. Mini Closing Meditation*

** Q&A Support Service available.

* Please make yourself comfortable in whichever way is suitable for you e.g. you can sit stand or lay down during the short mini meditations. Supportive devices to aid your comfort may of course be brought and used. * The Meditation is sometimes completed in Qi Gung form, a flowing standing meditation, it can also just as easily be completed while sitting or laying down.​

Duration: Approx. 1 hour.

Day: TBC.

Time: 6pm.

Venue: TBC.

Note: Event runs in January, June and September.

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