Highly Sensitive Soul Social - Wales

A monthly meet for Sensitive Souls & Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

A welcoming caring and supportive social for HSPs and Awakening/Awakened Souls.

Nature walk or Cafe depending on weather.

woman practices yoga and meditates in the lotus position on the beach_.jpg

Date: Next event TBC, 2pm.

Location: Nature location or Cafe.

Cost: Free.

Soul Awakening Healing & Enlightenment

The Soul Awakening session supports people who are awakening to their Soul, Higher Self & Source.

A Soul Awakening Mindfulness Meditation is provided followed by a Q&A session to assist and support you along your path.

Open to receive the blessings of your Soul.


Date: Next event TBC, 6pm.

Location: Local Community Centre or Online.

Cost: £5pp.

Event schedule

2 events take place each year in October & November and 2 events in February & March. All Support services run all year except in December and August. No events or services are provided in Dec. & August.