Awaken from the illusion of separateness

into Sacred Unity and Oneness with all life

and help heal a divided world by simply

being your True Soul self.


Like you I am a Soul extension incarnated in Human form. I have experienced the human journey of separation into Unity consciousness aka Self-realization / enlightenment - our natural energetic state of being i.e. ever-present within the present moment.


After many years searching for Truth my Awakening accelerated in 2002 after learning and practicing Mindfulness Meditation at a Buddhist Meditation center. After several more years practicing a variety of Meditation methods and techniques in 2006 I experienced a profound and Glorious Awakening to the One Pure and Sacred Truth within us all.

Our Personality is comprised of our Mental Emotional and temporary Physical Body. Our eternal Soul self i.e. our True self is a Pure being of Light at One with all Life that can be re-discovered using simple and effective tools such as Meditation and Mindfulness. This is the key to lasting Happiness fulfilment and peace. I am honoured to help and assist others to awaken and discover their True Soul self.

To awaken to your Soul truth within is to re-discover your Authentic self and to become Whole Happy and Complete within. This is also the beginning of an incredible journey of self-transformation that will lead to greater Empowerment Freedom Self-actualisation and sustained fulfillment happiness peace and equanimity X.

I am a Professional person and a sincere family man. I enjoy helping and supporting students fulfill their potential at University where I am a Senior Lecturer and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


I like to relax go with the flow of my soul and enjoy a balanced life : o ). When i have time and feel inspired I facilitate Meditation & Enlightenment support sessions, Q&A online and write short clear & simple blog posts.


Q&A support online is for people who are awakening and would like advice related to Soul Awakening such as Meditation Mindfulness Self-realisation (i.e. enlightenment) and Self-Actualisation (i.e. Personal Transformation & Service).

I am very grateful to be able to use the internet to assist people all over the world - the internet truly is an incredible invention / innovation that has positively changed the world forever.



* ENLIGHTENMENT -  The Enlightened state is our natural state and today as a result of the widespread practice of Meditation and Mindfulness it is a lot more common and accessible to everyone. "Ordinary people — from all walks of life — can and do regularly “wake up”, even if they know nothing about spiritual practices and paths. Spiritual awakening or wakefulness is a more expansive and harmonious state of being that can be cultivated or that can arise accidentally. It is our most natural state — accessible to us all, anytime, anyplace." - The Leap, Steve Taylor.