Soul Light Support Center

The 'Soul Light Support Center' (SLSC) supports the importance of Soul recognition as a vital aspect of Well-being.  SLSC provides support services, education, events, tools and practices to support the spiritual aspect of human Well-being, and complements the recent emergence of existing physical, mental, emotional and social well-being services and organisations.

There are many important aspects of human well-being including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being considerations. All need to be considered and addressed for a soul within human form to be happy & fulfilled. As every human being is unique, each aspect needs to be considered and addressed individually for each human being.

There are many services available today to help and support human beings to address each aspect of their holistic health & well-being. The Soul Light Support Center recognizes the importance of the spiritual aspect and focuses on supporting the spiritual aspect of Human Health & Well-being.


Soul/Spiritual Well-being is the foundation that supports mental health, social & emotional well-being and physical health.

The SLSC has been setup to address the current gap in society, i.e. where the Spiritual aspect of humanity is not supported in main stream society.

The SLSC provides personal support services to assist and support individuals to enhance their Well-being. The SLF recognizes and values the unique Soul i.e. the unique Being of Light within each person and supports each soul in it's self-realization (Awakening), development, healing and self-actualization for the benefit of all.

Every soul has a unique energy vibration and gift that it can birth into the world for it's own fulfillment and for the benefit of others. The SLSC aims to assist and support each soul in becoming a full expression of it's truth in the world for it's own fulfillment and for the benefit of others.

SLSC collaborates with other organisations (Private, Public and charitable/CIC) to develop, provide and enhance relevant appropriate and contemporary professional support services and education programmes throughout society to meet the holistic well-being needs of humanity today. 

The ripple and knock on effect of enhancing Spiritual Well-being in individuals, people and the population leads to an improvement of Well-being in all areas of society such as social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being.

James Williams, the Founder of the Soul Light Support Center, is an Awakened Soul, a Spiritual Healer & Counsellor. He is a Soul having a Human experience just like you. Professionally, he is a University Teacher, an internationally published Award Winning educator - but that is not important. What is, is that in addition to his own learning development & healing goals, he is a deeply Wise sensitive and compassionate soul who is here to assist and support the planet and others with their Awakening Healing and Empowerment. With their Self-realization and Actualization as unique Beings of Light / Souls within human form. He is an ethical and professional person. Among others, he has a Coaching Certificate, a Counselling Diploma and is a Qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.