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* Soul Support Services *

* Support Services and contact are suspended during a Holiday. Please contact via the contact form or email and I will reply to you upon my return. *
Soul Support

If you have questions about the Soul, Soul Awakening, Healing, Self-realization & Enlightenment, Self-love & self-care, Empowerment & Assertiveness, Positive Life Changes and Enjoyment of Life, this service can assist you.

  • Method: via e-mail or online via skype.

  • Cost: 

    • £20 per question via e-mail (maximum of 5 questions per booking).

    • £120 1 hour session via skype.

  • Questions & Booking: E-mail

  • Payment: Paypal

Inner-child & Soul Counselling

Supporting and empowering Self Healing. The IC & Soul counselling service help people to communicate with, embrace and identify the needs of their pure inner-child within. To create a new collaborative relationship and to identify and make positive life changes to enhance happiness and well-being. A Beautiful and potentially life changing session.


Source Energy Healing

Supporting and empowering Self Enlightenment. This powerful service will clear Source Energy Healing invokes the power of the Creator to clear and cleanse all that is no longer needed from your being at this time to help you to realize and integrate your Soul Light bringing a renewed connection with your own Pure Soul and Source within. This service will assist you to become your true self upon the Earth.


Healing remedy

A Healing remedy contains pure personalized energy vibrations channeled specifically for you at this time. It will help you to heal and integrate exactly what you need to you move forward in your life and on your Soul's journey. All I need is your name, dob, and a current up-to-date picture of you.

  • Method: Online via skype

  • Cost: ​£50 (inc. postage cost)

  • Duration: Approx. 1 hour.

  • Booking & information: E-mail

    • Please email your name, dob, and a current up-to-date picture of yourself.

  • Payment: Paypal

Whole Self Healing

Supporting and empowering Self Healing. The Holistic healing session helps you to become aware of and bring healing to the different parts of your being including your Masculine, Feminine, inner-child,

wise, Soul essence and physical aspects of your self. This healing method can also be completed by yourself.

  • Method: via e-mail or online via skype.

  • Cost:

    • £100 1 hour session via skype. 

    • £20. Instructions to facilitate your own Holistic self Healing. Instructions will be sent to you via email.

  • Questions & Booking: E-mail

  • Payment: Paypal

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