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Free Open Access Online Soul Awakening education course is coming soon.

  • Unit 1: Soul Awakening & Integration Meditation.

  • Unit 2: Soul Healing (Mindfulness Meditation, tools and methods)

  • Unit 3: Soul Growth / Evolution: Challenges & Development

  • Unit 4: Soul Discovery.

The experiential active learning course supports humanity in Awakening and integrating their Soul to become whole happy grounded and balanced. To self-realise and self-actualise. To become Whole Happy and empowered. To become Whole Happy and Complete within. To become a Unified One Soul self.


You have chosen to be incarnate on Earth during a most auspicious time, during a time when humanity is transitioning from separation based consciousness to unity based consciousness, from fear to love. This current time period that many call the Ascension presents unique opportunities to drastically accelerate your spiritual evolution. When you make the choice to consciously evolve, you align yourself with the tremendous evolutionary energies of Ascension, and the result can be nothing short of miraculous. One of sacred evolution that longs to unfold in you

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