NOTICE: Bookings now available from Sept. 2018 on-wards.

SoulLight.world services are designed to help and support you with your process of Soul Awakening integration and Actualization. It is a supportive service that aims to help you achieve your goals. SoulLight.world services are considered a very safe activity as it is an exercise in helping you with positive Self-realisation and to identify and achieve positive goals in a  healthy and balanced way and in such a way that harms none. By participating in the SoulLight.world services you accept the following Terms.

  • Soul Awakening Support Q&A: If you have any questions related to the process of Soul Awakening integration & Enlightenment this service can assist you. I appreciate that during the process of awakening and integration assistance from another can be helpful  - for a limited time. I am happy to help and support you to awaken integrate and become your own Enlightened and Empowered Guide.

    • Availability:

      • Online: 1 - 4 questions via e-mail. In-person or via Skype*.

      • Cost: £10 per question via e-mail (£10£40) (a paypal e-mail will be sent to you after the answers are complete).

        • * £47 in-person or £40 via Skype.

    • Booking: Please e-mail your questions and brief descriptions to SoulLight.world@gmail.com.



Before using the the Q&A service please create some time-out to enter a Heart-centered Meditative state and allow answers to your questions to naturally arise from within you. Trust your intuition. Your best Guide is * YOU *. However from time to time we all need a little help and support and I am happy to provide this when needed. Usually the answers to your questions will naturally arise from within you. I am happy to facilitate this and most importantly to help you to connect trust and value your own 'authentic' inner-guidance / Soul.

* The Real You: The Pure Divine Sacredness of Life exists within ALL and exists within you. Honour Love and Value the Pure Being of Light you are.

* Love and value the Whole and Unique Being you are.


* ENJOY Life : o )

* Intuition: Trust your intuition. Listen to and look after yourself and your physical body.

* Balance: Live a Healthy balanced life with a healthy balanced diet.

* Live Love unconditionally and forgive yourself: for any perceived wrong doing. There is no wrong doing only living learning and unconditional love. Love yourself unconditionally.

* Mindfulness: Practice Mindfulness i.e. a simple and effective practice for living in the moment and cultivating Unconditional Love Acceptance & Compassionate Loving/Kindness towards all aspects of yourself and others. Essential qualities to practice and develop to allow for the realisation and integration of your True Soul nature.​

Clearing Healing with the Love and Support of our Angels & Guides: As we embody Greater amounts of our Soul Light, energy that no longer serves us such as fear pain insecurity or attachment can come to the surface to be compassionately accepted and energetically cleared cleansed and released by the Light of our Consciousness. Our Angels Guides are also always available to help assist and support us to clear and release energy to further embody our True nature with Ease Harmony and Grace - if asked. They will always lovingly come forward to assist us energetically - when asked i.e. when permission to assist us is requested and granted.
During a period of clearing movement including light exercise and/or physical massage, a healthy balanced diet and plenty of clear water and fresh air can greatly assist the clearing process.

Practice: Continued Practice = Continued Results. Regular practice will allow for greater realisation integration and actualisation of your Soul self. Sustained practice in a balanced way will allow greater integration and realisation of your True Soul self. It will allow you to become clearer, to open-up expand strengthen fulfill and Enlighten your Mind and Body with your Soul Light from within X. Allow your life to bring forward beautiful opportunities for clearing healing transformation and fulfillment with Ease Harmony and Grace x. God Bless You Now and Always.

Patience: All positive changes will occur according to your Life Design in Perfect Divine Timing. Patience Focus Determination Acceptance & Surrender are Keys to Success to riding the waves of your journey with Ease Harmony and Grace, and to the process of stepping into a Beautiful New High-Vibrational Life that is already within you (is you ;-).

* Healing: My work covers the realisation and integration of your True Soul Self. For Physical or etheric body healing please see an appropriate Medical Professional or Complementary Holistic Health Practitioner.

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