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Soul Awakening Audio & Video Meditations & Enlightenment Booklet Coming Soon.


Meditations: £4.99 each.

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Meditation for Enlightenment

  • Soul Integration & Chakra Meditation

  • Heart Chakra & Self-love and Self-worth Meditation

  • Empowerment Meditation.

Booklet: Soul Awakening Healing and Enlightenment for an Empowered & Joyful Life. £9.99.

  • This clear and beautiful little booklet provides simple sacred illustrations wisdom and meditations that guide the reader through a journey of Whole Heart-based and balanced awakening healing enlightenment empowerment and enjoyment of life.

  • Example areas covered include: Levels of being, Nature and structure of consciousness, chakras, Heart-based consciousness, Enlightenment & Oneness, Joy of Awakening, Personal Soul blueprint, Soul roles and rays. Light dark learning and evolution of consciousness, Healing and transformation.

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