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One thing we all have in common is our universal mission and purpose to evolve - to evolve ourselves and therefore the human race. To be the best person we can individually be. To learn from our past and to "be the change we wish to see in the world" Ghandi.

This is a process of brave and honest self-reflection - to work on ourselves with patience, determination, Unconditional self-love, forgiveness and Lightness - to not take ourselves or our journey too seriously, to laugh and enjoy the journey and process of life as it unfolds X.

We are all here to take the human race forward by healing old patterns of pain fear anger hate and sadness with acceptance peace trust love patience joy bliss and wisdom of unity and oneness - by allowing this process to unfold we are creating a new level of consciousness within us.

An empowered and strong compassionate heart-based consciousness. Fully alive and grounded. A balanced energetic state of being that is at One, at peace and in love with all life.

You are important you have a purpose and a mission. By saving yourself you are doing your bit to save humanity. You have unique gifts skills and abilities within tou to bless yourself ad the world. Your most important gift is who you are inherently and intrinsically so ... REMEMBER who you are X.

Every soul born into a physical body on earth is born into an amnesic state - forgets it's pure perfect powerful and beautiful true nature and inherits conditioning and limiting beliefs from it's environment. Be gentle loving and patient with yourself and others as you now release the old and embrace and integrate your true soul self creating a beautiful new you and reality for you to exist within X.

With Love and when possible let us assist and support one another in achieving our united purpose. To Heal ourselves and the world.

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