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Enlightenment Made Pure & Simple

Enlightenment already exists within us in every present moment :o)

We are Enlightenment naturally inherenetly and equally so.

When people rest relax or have time off away from work on holidays or enter a nice hot bath people often say "Arrrrrggggghhhh Blissssss" haha : o ) they start to feel their Being the presence of their Soul and taste the nature of their inherent and eternal true self.

There is a Great Glorious Light that exists within you now - it is you : o ) - it is ever-present - it is Enlightenment - it is waiting to be recognised and it will make you whole happy and complete.

It is our Organic and natural energetic state of being.

The ever-present peace that exists NOW and in every moment is often ignored as nothing however the no-thing or the silent stillness of the present moment has great depths of wholeness abundance Unity purity healing and infinite potential.

It is the pure innocence and sacred presence of our Soul that we can easily feel whenever we wish in every present moment while in human form.

When we still our mind and body we can feel the purity i.e. the sacred silence of the present moment. : o )

As we develop our heart-based consciousness by practising love respect patience and kindness to ourselves and others with an 'Open heart' we can 'feel' and realise the true nature of our being and embody our True Soul self.

Enlightenment or Self-realization is simply just that 'a realization' : o )

No more no less : o )

A simple realization : o ) but one that will change you forever and one that brings many blessings i.e. the fruits of your spirit.

The human journey of learning and development will naturally continue particularly the development of empowered heart-based consciousness - but oh the realisation of our true nature makes the ride oh so much more fulfilling easier and worthwhile

- OM i love you all.

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