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Awakening Awareness & Healing

When you Awaken

to Heart-based consciousness to the Love and Light within you become more

* AWARE * of all that exists within you.

You become more aware of the of the Light and the dark within.

As your Light shines like a torch you are able to see more. As your Heart opens you are able to Heal more.

By courageously allowing yourself to be aware of your whole self, over time the Love Light and Acceptance of your Open Heart-based consciousness will naturally heal all hurt and pain within you.

As we continue to clear and heal we become increasingly filled

with the natural and authentic presence our Soul's energy and Light : o )

The Awakened Heart-based consciousness has great Healing power.

Allow yourself to feel and heal all that exists within you.

It may take a little while but the time is

* NOW *

Be Open, Be Brave, Be Well.

You are loved and more Powerful than you can possibly imagine


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