From Mindfulness to Soulfulness. Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that is helping us all to heal and ascend to Heart-based consciousness. Mindfulness is less about having your mind full and more to do with the practice of unconditional love and acceptance that allows you to shift your energy and awareness to the natural innate Pure Soul Consciousness that exists within us all in every present moment. And allowing your Pure Soul Light to:

  • Fulfill you from within

  • to Guide empower and strengthen your being with clear direction and focus

  • to Transform your energy being consciousness and reality upon the earth in amazing and magical ways

  • to become Whole Happy and Complete within.

  • to Bless you with everything you need to know for your unique and perfect life upon the Earth.

I like to use the term Soulfulness X. A natural state of Pure Enlightenment that exists within us all in every moment X. The practice of Mindfulness is a key step to our natural inner state of Soulful Enlightenment that exists within us all in every moment. It is who we truly are : o ) X.

This is the next step for humanity at this time. To shift from Mind-Body Consciousness to Mind Body & Soul Holistic Consciousness creating wholeness and happiness within all X.

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