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Soul Light insights

Multiple Souls

I enjoy helping and supporting Souls upon the earth who are going through the process of Soul Awakening and integration. Although the extracts below are designed to assist specific people and their needs and energetic stage of awakening at a particular time, as the insights could be helpful to others, I am guided to share some extracts from recent Soul Support Sessions. All names and any personal indicators have been removed. I hope this information is helpful for you. Enjoy : o ).

Example extracts in this post relate to:

  • The Soul

  • Equality and Oneness

  • Lightworkers

  • Healing and Mastery

  • Patience and Mindfulness

  • Light & Dark

  • Heart-based Consciousness

  • Ascension

  • Healing Soul & Human pain

  • The Human journey and Change.

  • Soul: Many people upon the Earth are Awakening to their Soul light. Every person is a pure and perfect Being of Light - every Soul is equal - every Soul is a part of the One Pure Being of Light that is commonly referred to as God or the Creator and every Soul is deeply loved valued and cherished as a part of the One Universal Source of Life / Love / Light. Every Soul is a unique blessing to the World / Universe / Creation and All that is.

  • Soul Equality and Oneness: We are all One and we are all Equal. All Souls are equal, whether human in origin (i.e. Souls who have largely evolved on Earth as a home and school to learn develop and grow) or Souls from other/higher dimensions who have evolved on other planets/galaxies/universes - all Souls extend from our One Pure Source of Light and all Souls inherent the pure positive universal qualities of the One as well as their own unique pure and perfect energetic quality and frequency.

  • Whole Happy & Complete: Our true authentic Soul self is perfect whole happy and complete within. You are, in essence, as we all are : Perfect.

  • A Lightworker Soul: Souls who are here to be of service. A Soul who will go through the awakening / healing process and as a result will be able to be of service to others upon the earth. For People/Souls such as yourself who feel deeply, who deeply wish to help humanity, who feel they are here to do something, to do something special, a mission to complete, to help raise the consciousness of humanity and to heal their pain. Who sometimes feel lonely, I would recommend looking up the term ‘Lightworker’ to find out more about who you are and why you are here. There are many perspectives and much information - use your sensitivity and intuition to perceive discern and discover that which is true and meaningful for you. There is a lot of helpful information online but it is ALWAYS important to TRUST you own inner guidance to discern that which is relevant and true for you.

  • Lightworker Souls pt. 2: Lightworker Souls are usually more sensitive as they carry a higher vibration and often have a very different outlook in terms of how life could be on earth and how people nature animals and the planet could / should be treated i.e. with great love and respect. All Souls going through the school of earth will in time realise this as all ascend to Heart-based consciousness. Something that is occurring now quite rapidly and will continue to do so into the 21st Century. It is important to note that Lightworker souls are often carriers of higher consciousness and have enhanced spiritual gifts skills and abilities developed on other planets/galaxies/dimensions/planes of existence. This is wonderful and many Lightworkers will become great gifts upon the earth helping others in many wonderful ways that are often beyond current understanding hopes and dreams. Much positive change has happened upon the earth and this will continue to occur in amazing ways. However this does not make Lightworker souls in anyway better or greater than other souls. ALL Souls are 100% equal. And ALL Souls will become Lightworkers as they awaken ascend and integrate their Soul Light Consciousness X.

  • Healing: There are energetic layers like an onion that overlay our Soul essence that make up what is commonly called the Human aura. Sometimes pain from this / past lives can be held within more subtle energetic bodies/layers / auric field until we choose and are ready to face them. Facing them often means incarnating into a life design / a life scenario that will trigger and bring these old emotions/beliefs to the Light of our consciousness for the love within our heart to accept clear and release. Many people can go through difficult times while this learning and healing process is occurring. Acceptance unconditional love and understanding for self is key to release that which is no longer needed to further integrate your Authentic Soul self.

  • Mindfulness: People (often close family and friends) that push our buttons i.e. activating old pain within can be helpful for us to face clear and release old energetic pain, energetic blocks or inaccurate beliefs that we want to clear release / reprogram. Learning the practice of Mindfulness can be HUGELY beneficial when our pain/hurt is activated to help us focus on the energy within with Acceptance Unconditional-Love and Compassion that ultimately brings clearing and healing, prevents unnecessary reactions towards others and allows for a cleared centered response if necessary.

  • Patience Practice Healing & Cake : ): It will take time to heal and clear your pain (aka. Pain-body). The Likelihood is that it will be triggered many times and like a cake each time a slice is removed until one day it’s all gone or you will instantly recognize it’s presence and quickly switch/shift into your authentic high vibration of Pure Love and Light. Practice being Aware of pain when it is triggered, ACCEPTING IT with Unconditional Love and Compassion to clear and release it, detach from it’s energetic charge and return you to your natural high vibration.

  • Life Design: As Souls we choose the family, country and circumstances which we are born into to have the experiences we want to have which can and often include experiences that will trigger / push our buttons to bring up feelings of hurt / pain from this / past lives to bring it into the light of our consciousness and the love of our heart to heal X. Particularly during a time of Great Awakening healing/transformation and ascension that humanity is currently going through.

  • Forgive and Go easy on yourself: It takes time and practice. Love yourself unconditionally and 'forgive yourself' when you mess up. Go easy on yourself. Being a Soul on earth can be difficult at times, particularly when you are awakening and don't know what’s going on, who you are or why you're here. The answers will come - from within you. As you go easy on yourself and develop patience compassion love and understanding you will be this way more with others too. Remember EVERYONE is doing the best they can as a Soul within human form and human society at this time.

  • Light & Dark: There is light and dark within us all. When we learn how to interact with our darkness from a place of love and kindness we become the change we wish to see in the world. And doing this work, more than anything else will allow you to be a great blessing to others upon the earth.

  • Heart-based consciousness: The process of learning to heal ourselves, to be kind, patient and unconditionally loving towards ourselves develops this beautiful energy within us allowing us to ascend to Heart-based consciousness and to be a blessing not only for ourselves but for others too. And this is why many of us are here. Too go through this process for ourselves so that we may then assist and support others who are going through the same/similar process of Awakening Healing and Actualisation.

  • Yin / Yang Energetic balance: Our Yang energy is positive and strong. Our Yin energy is soft gentle loving and caring. Achieving a balance within is key. Our Pure Soul Essence, our truth is naturally balanced and in harmony with all that is. Tune into it : o ) X.

  • Patience & Soul Light Integration: The process of integrating our truth, our Soul Light and achieving balance in physical form can take time as our light and consciousness activate and integrate into our chakras, subtle and physical body. Trust and have patience in the process. Haha this can be difficult for Lightworker souls in particular who are eager to get to work. This period of developing Trust faith and patience in the process of awakening clearing and integration as your life path unfolds is helpful as it will enable you to be patient and understanding with yourself and others.

  • Soul pain & Human pain: The pain of being asleep from the spirit/soul/source aspect of themselves, and from what they have done to each other has caused them much pain. You feel it and that is why you came here, to help. But that same pain is within you. Focus within to bring healing and freedom within you. As you learn to heal yourself so you will be a healing presence upon the earth and make real change. From a place of true compassion peace and love. Find this place of love and understanding you will be able to gift if it for yourself and others.

  • Ascension: Humanity has / is ascending to heart-based consciousness at this time. Many people are already there, many are approaching it and many are nowhere near it. It's a mixed bag. Lightworkers go through the same healing process but often much quicker and to much more awakened states in order to help and support others.

  • Terrorists: People do negative things or act behave in a negative way when their pain body / negative ego takes over. Constant awareness and Self-discipline to bring love to our pain like a hurt child within rather than allowing negative expressions towards other people is what is needed. Heaven and hell exist within us all as energy. We heal the lower vibrations through unconditional love acceptance understanding. And as we do this we develop that quality within and achieve greater energetic balance and spiritual maturity.

  • Focus: the Earth is like a school and playground for souls and everything we see on tv etc… is surface reality that reflects the collective consciousness. Everything that is happening is helping souls upon the earth to evolve. For souls who can be more perceptive and sensitive it can be very helpful to learn to be more accepting and non-attached and to learn to integrate your Soul Light to be more within your pure energies - that you are used to ;-). Energetic balance is key as this allows you to be your truth integrated in your physical body and to be of service in a centered and soulful way.

  • The Human journey: Humanity chose the journey of separation for greater self-realisation self-development and self-actualisation of their individual soul self. Everything has been perfect.

  • You want to change the world: This is beautiful and testament to the love within your heart. Beautiful Soul.

  • Change first comes from within: While you are currently awakening clearing and healing your energy. Consider first the sayings: True change first comes from within. Or, To change the world first look within. Or, Be the change you wish to see in the World. Then act and follow your passion from a place of love and joy.

  • You are currently going through the Soul Awakening and integration process.

  • Life on earth is Amazing. You are Amazing.

  • Follow your Heart & Soul.

  • All is well :o ).

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