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from September 2024 services are listed below. Please click the links below or scroll down for further information. Please be aware, sometimes there is a waiting list of 2/3 weeks. Services run from Sept. to June.

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Learn Sacred Mindfulness Meditation

Close up of calm young Caucasian woman hold hands on heart chest feel grateful and thankfu

Would you like to learn how to meditate or improve your mindfulness meditation practice.

Sacred Mindfulness Meditation helps you to tune into, unify and become one with the Being of Light within you and to experience it's peaceful loving presence and to receive blessings from within your sacred Heart and Soul.

Learn to bring your focus to your sacred heart center and being of Light that resides there in every present moment.

Time for Q&A is also included.


  • In-person* or online: £40ph.
    * Location: Castell-Nedd (Wales, UK)


  • 1 hour.

Payment & Arrange:

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Soul Awakening & Enlightenment coaching


Would you like assistance in becoming aware of your true whole authentic self, the Being of Light that is your true identify. Aka Soul, Higher self and Source. 

This session aims to help participants to have the knowledge and tools to become aware of their true Soul self and with practice to be able to sense feel experience and integrate the Light and sacred presence of their inner Soul, Higher Self and Source - thereby becoming their whole Soul self upon the Earth.
The Enlightened state is natural, intrinsic, and available to all. With right understanding and awareness through meditation the enlightened whole being state of Unity Oneness and thy Whole sacred Soul & Source self within can be experienced and integrated with ease. And become your normal and natural state of awareness while in human form upon the earth. OM X

Relevant practices and wisdom will be shared.


  • In-person* or online: £50ph.
    * Location: Castell-Nedd (Wales, UK)


  • 1 hour.

Payment & Arrange:

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Soul Support session

Soul Q&A.jpg

If you have questions about the process of Soul Awakening, Soul discovery, Healing, Enlightenment, Soul growth and Self-Actualization, this Q&A service can assist you.

This service can also provide a safe space to assist and support you along your path as a unique soul having a human experience.

You can ask questions and express your self safely and receive wisdom and practices to assist you.

Please have some questions in advance.


  • Via e-mail (3-5 questions):

    • £10 per question (£30, £40 or £50).

    • Depending on the nature of the questions, replies can be given within 7-21 days.

  • Online or in-person: 

    • Duration approx. 1 hour.

    • Cost: £50.

* Location: Castell-Nedd (Wales, UK). Also available worldwide online.

Payment & Arrange:

Confidentiality statement

Any and all expression and information is confidential, accepted and respected. No expression or information is retained or shared.



Wales, UK - Serving the local and global community online.

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