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A mantra is a word, statement or sound that when repeated aids concentration and intention to support Spiritual Awakening, Healing, Enlightenment, Mastery, Transformation and/or Actualization.

Please find below some example mantras to try, but please always follow your intuition to find/create your own, that you feel will help you best at this time. Select one tat you feel will help you at this time, and try repeating it during a meditation.

  •  Om Mani Padme Hum  - Praise to the jewel in the lotus where the the spirit of enlightenment resides X

  • I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love. I AM Will, I AM fixed design. I AM the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, I AM.

  • I love, value, trust and honor myself

  • I Trust and follow my intuition.

  • My intuition is my guide. I ALWAYS do uwtsd what I feel is right and best for me!.

  • I Trust my life/reality is perfect for the development of my soul X

  • I AM Whole and complete within X

  • I AM my Whole Being in manifestation upon the earth, I AM. OM

  • I AM the Christ, I AM Presence and the Creator Source, I AM

  • I AM Unconditional Love

  • Om Dum Durgayei Namaha - With Honour, I ask the Divine Mother/Goddess to come forward to cut up/heal/remove/clear/dissolve any and all fear within me.

  • I surrender any and all hurt, pain, bitterness, anger, and fear to the Divine Mother for healing.

  • I AM the Divine Mother I AM.

  • I Surrender Center Trust Accept Allow and follow my intuition with ease harmony and grace X

  • To help shift from Ego and to re-align with and to re-identify your sense of self with your true authentic self i.e. your Soul Light essence / Being of Light within. For each of the following mantras:

    • I See you X

    • I Love you X

    • I value you X

    • I Trust you X

    • I Honour you X

  1.  Say them quietly within times x3 to your Soul light essence within your heart.

  2. Then say them out loud x3 yo your Soul light essence within your heart

  3. Then say the following out loud x3 as your Soul light essence within your heart

  • I see/sense/feel my true self X

  • I am my true self

  • I Love myself X

  • I value myself X

  • I Trust myself X

  • I Honour myself X

  • I am free X

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