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Thurs. 25th April 2024: (Online)
Soul Awakening, Enlightenment, Healing & Growth

In this session, there will be a short talk and Meditation on the process of Soul Awakening, Enlightenment, Healing & Growth, followed by some time for Q&A.

This session aims to help participants to have the knowledge and tools to become aware of and discover the nature of their true Divine self. And with practice to be able to sense feel experience and integrate the Light and sacred presence of their Whole Being upon the Earth.

Enlightenment is our natural energetic state and can be our natural awareness. The Enlightened state is natural & intrinsic, and available to all. With right understanding and awareness, through meditation, the enlightened state of Divinity, Unity & Oneness can be experienced with ease. 

A realization of the true divine nature and oneness of all life, leads to the activation of divine love within. When you realize the true nature of life deep within you, instinctively you fall in love with life. It is sometimes known as christ consciousness, or buddha nature, it is known by many names, it's realization is universal / available to all and is occurring within humanity now, as humanity is awakening at the level of the heart and soul.The session will also introduce the process of Healing and Soul Growth, Empowerment and self-actualization as steps along the path of our soul's journey in human form.

The meeting will include:

  • Namaste Aloha Welcome

  • Introduction: Enlightenment and divine nature of the Soul and Source within.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (Relax center and ground with Unconditional Love)

  • Welcome Personal & Universal Angels of Light.

    • Creation of a supportive sacred safe and protected space.

  • Soul Light Meditation

  • A deep breathing pranayama exercise to activate our channel of Light.​

  • A Soul Light Mantra

  • Respectful Gratitude to the Beings of Light
  • Center, balance and grounding.
  • Q&A / share.

The meetings are useful for 'all' who would like to become aware of their Soul (Being of Light within), for those who are awakening to their Soul Light and for those who already Awakened. The events are held in a safe and supportive environment and are suitable for Highly Sensitive People/Souls (HSP) and are supportive for old and new souls on Earth, Lightworker and Starseed souls.

Date: Thursday, 25th April 2024, 6-7pm.
Location: Online. Via MS Teams (free to use).
Cost: The cost of the event is £5 via paypal.

How to join: After payment, a link will be sent to you via email (usually within 48hrs) to allow you to join the event.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Event schedule & booking

Events usually take place several times a year. To inquire about booking for your venue or event, please contact:

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