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26th April 2023:
Soul Light Meditation & Magical Beings of Light

In this session, we will have a Soul Light Meditation, followed by a Meditation to sense feel and experience the awakening support of Angels and Magical beings of Light.

Earth is home to many Magical beings of Light. It is time to respectfully re-introduce them and their gifts as they wish to bridge the two worlds once more to aid the ascension process of humanity, and to help those who would like to receive their help support and blessings. And to support their fellow kin in human form.

Discover the Magic of Meditation. Sense and experience the Light and Life force energy within and the blessings of Magical beings of Light (such as Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Dragons), that exist with and alongside us and who wish to guide help and support us.


The meeting will include:

  • Namaste/Aloha Welcome

  • Introduction: Divine nature of the Soul and Source within.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (Relax ground and center with Unconditional Love & Acceptance)

  • Welcome Angelic Beings of Light

  • Soul Light Meditation​*​

  • Meditation with Magical Beings of Light​​
  • Respect and Gratitude to the Beings of Light
  • Center, balance and grounding.
  • Q&A / share.

* Meditation purpose: To become aware of your Soul / Whole Being of Light. To be with, love, value and allow your inner Soul / Whole being to flow through you, to bless you, the world and those around you. The Meditation may sometimes include a standing Qi-Gong Soul Light Waterfall Meditation (which can be done while seated, if needed).

The meetings are useful for 'all' who would like to become aware of their Soul (Being of Light within), for those who are awakening to their Soul Light and for those who already awakened. The events are held in a safe and supportive environment and are suitable for Highly Sensitive People/Souls (HSP) and are supportive and nourishing for old and new souls to Earth, Lightworker and Starseed souls.

Optional: You are welcome to bring and share something you love and enjoy that could be personal positive and precious to you. For example, this could be a favorite poem, picture, music, story, book extract, your voice/instrument, gift. Or just come and relax peacefully and enjoy the meditation and environment.

Date: Wednesday, 26th April 2023, 6-7pm.
Location: 1st Floor Studio room, Bronleigh House, Neath, SA10 7AE. For directions please click-here.
Cost: The cost of the eve
nt is £3 via paypal towards room costs. Paypal: or @lightxdivine. Pay before or shortly after the event.

Comfort: Chairs, mats and some cushions will be available. But if you would like to bring your own cushion, stool, chair or other support with you for comfort, please do.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Event schedule & booking

Events usually take place several times a year. To inquire about booking for your venue or event, please contact:

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