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Soul Light Circle

Supporting Soul Awareness, Healing & Enlightenment for Holistic Health & Well-being.

The ‘Soul Light Circle’ is a social meeting that support all who attend with their Soul Awareness, Awakening, Healing & Enlightenment.


An opportunity to be, sense, feel, experience and express your true self in a loving and supportive environment. ​Each meeting consists of an introduction to Soul Awareness and a Meditation to assist and support Soul Awakening, Healing & Enlightenment.

Each meeting consists of:

  • Namaste / Aloha Welcome

  • Introduction: Divine nature of the Soul and Source within.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (Relax ground and center with Unconditional Love & Acceptance)

  • Soul Light Meditation

    • ​Welcome: Our Angels & Beings of Love & Light
    • Soul Light Meditation and a Deep breathing pranayama exercise
    • Soul Light Mantra
    • Respectful Gratitude to the Angels & Beings of Light present
    • Center, balance and ground.
  • Q&A / share.

The meetings are set-up to 'Acknowledge' your true self, 'Remind' you of your true self, 'Support' your true self, and 'Allow' you to be and express your true soul self.

The meetings are useful for 'all' who would like to become aware of their Soul (Eternal Unique Being of Light within) and for those who are already awakening/awakene. The events are held in a safe and supportive environment and are suitable for Highly Sensitive People/Souls (HSPs) and are supportive and nourishing for Lightworker and StarSeed souls.

Optional: You are welcome to bring and share something you love and enjoy that could be personal positive and precious to you. For example, this could be a favorite poem, picture, music, story, book extract, your voice/instrument, gift. Or just come and relax peacefully and enjoy the environment.

Date: Wednesday, 26th October 2022, 6-7pm.
Location: 1st Floor Studio room, Bronleigh House, Neath, SA10 7AE. For full address and directions please click-here.
Cost: Free.

Comfort: Some mats and cushions will be available for the meditation, but please feel free to bring your own cushion, stool, folding chair or other support with you for comfort.


Event schedule & booking

Events usually take place several times a year. To inquire about booking for your venue or event, please contact:

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