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Attunement Blessing

Receive a blessing and alignment to the angelic realm of your choice.

You will receive a blessing and an alignment from and to an Angelic realm of your choice allowing you to not only receive a blessing on the day, but also have the ability to tune into and receive energetic blessings from that realm when you desire (when you make the time space and intention in the future). A guide from that realm will also come forward to assist and strengthen the connection and assist you whenever you call upon them.

All realms are pure High vibrational angelic realms connected with Source. Each realm brings forth it's unique flavour gifts blesings  and abilities for you. Choices include:

  • The Pure Angelic realm

    • A pure high vibrational and feather like loving energy connected with Source and the energy of the Divine Mother X

  • The Pure Unicorn realm 

    • A Magical High vibrational energy of purification and courage to assist you with your Soul awakening, integration and purpose. The energy if infused with a forward momentum to assist you to move forward along your Soul's journey.

  • Pure Fairy realm

    • A pure High vibrational and inspirational Light connected with freedom and the joy of the creator that will inspire and activate your Soul's Light and it's potential. This energy will support you in actualizing your Soul's potential and creating the life you want.

  • Pure Dragon realm

    • A pure high vibrational energy connected with the power and strength of the creator. This energy will empower protect and strengthen you and your energy!

There will also be some time for Q&A and the end of each session.​


  • In-person* or online: £45ph.
    * Location: Castell-Nedd (Wales, UK)


  • Approx. 45mins.

Payment & Arrange:

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