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Welcome to
Soul Light Support Center
Acknowledging, Respecting and Supporting the Soul Light & Life within all.

The Soul Support Center provides support servicesevents, education courses and consultancy that simplify and support Soul Awakening, Healing & integration. Enlightenment, Empowerment and Actualisation.

The Center's mission is to support Holistic Health & Well-being and specialises in Soul awareness, healing, development & enlightenment.

We are all birthing a new balanced Heart & Soul based consciousness and soceity on the Earth. Becoming aware of yourself as a Soul, a Sacred 'Being of Light' is a significant evolutionary step in consciousness and a key component for Well-being, Healing, Happiness and fulfillment. simplifies universal wisdom in a way that is clear, relevant and applicable for today's contemporary society. The center provides support services and education to help people to become Awaken, Heal and enhance their Holistic Well-being.

Your Soul is the Unique spiritual essence & light within you that is connected to the Universal Sacred Loving Source within all. Also known as the 'Spirit' or 'Life' force energy that flows through us all.

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