top of page provide events, services and education courses & resources that support Soul Awakening, Healing & Enlightenment.

Created by James Williams as a platform to provide events and resources to assist others. For more information, about James, please click-here.


Spiritual Well-being is about a sense of connection and unity with our true authentic self i.e. our unique and universal Being of Light within and to that which give us meaning and purpose in life.
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We all have the potential to become uniquely Whole & Balanced, Self-realized & Self-actualized as a result of and through the Human energetic design and experience. events and services assist and support people/souls with this aim. has been created to help and support others to awaken, discover and enhance their potential and Well-being.
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We are ALL extensions/children of and at One with Source/God, learning playing and growing in the school called Planet Earth.

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